1. Last few days to enroll for Hyderabad, Prayagraj, Dehli, workshop for Alternative therapies courses.     2. Diploma in Physiotherapy courses from UGC and skill India.     3. Join Diploma in Acupressure from National Skill India Corporation.     

We are pleased to introduce our self as a leading institute of natural and alternative medicine therapies that conducts various courses by following methods:
(I) Correspondence :- 1. Postal, 2. Online(Software)
(II) Regular :- 1.Class at Center , 2. Camp Class , 3. Online Class , 4. Sunday to Sunday Class
Course Code Course Name Image Correspondance Fee
Online / Postal
Regular Class Fees
Camp/Online/Local Center
$ $
D.Gu.T. Diploma in Gua Sha Therapy (D.Gu.T.) 100 4500 180 7500 Prospects Apply
D.IASTM Diploma in IASTM Therapy (D.IASTM) 100 4500 180 7500 Prospects Apply
M.D.Gu.T. Master Diploma in Gua Sha Therapy (M.D.Gu.T.) 150 6500 300 11500 Prospects Apply

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