1. Last few days to enroll for Hyderabad, Prayagraj, Dehli, workshop for Alternative therapies courses.     2. Diploma in Physiotherapy courses from UGC and skill India.     3. Join Diploma in Acupressure from National Skill India Corporation.     


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 NAME OF COURSE : Wellness Acupuncturist
 DURATION :  3 Months
 FEES : Rs. 14000
 NSQF LEVEL : Level 3

• Online classes will be provided.

•Softcopy will be provided on Acupressure Guru Software.

1. Human Anatomy 2. Definition of acupuncture
3. Introduction of acupuncture 4. History of acupuncture
5. Science of Acupuncture & yin yang concept 6. Qi and flow of Qi / Chi
7. Acupuncture Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM)  8. Classification of acupuncture
9. Meridian–Introduction on channel 10. Five Element Theory
11. Meridianology – energy balanced therapy 12. 12 + 2 meridian separately explanation - Location & related disease
13. Instruments & their uses-Types of the needle, needle techniques  14. Position of patient and therapist
15. Instructions & precautions for acupuncture treatment  16. Disease and Diagnosis
17. Suggestion for instrument of practical and treatment 18. Treatment by needles, pressure, magnet on acupoint.


• The certificate is affiliated from Ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship.
• The certificate is valid nationally and internationally.
• By this certificate candidate goes to foreign on work visa.
• By this certificate, the candidate gets a good job in a short time. For example: A data entry operator job (if we go through standard classic academic education model then we do a degree or diploma in computer that will take a time of more than 2 year but now a data entry operator course of only 6 months can provide candidate that job.
• Now Government has launched skill education levels equivalent to academic education levels. For Example: In skill education Government Launched Level 1 to Level 10 of NSQF levels which goes from certificate to Doctorate Programs.
• CANDIDATE can take apprentice training (naps) after this certificate.
• Cost of the courses available in this segment is less than UGC / AICTE approved courses.

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