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 Acupressure - reflexology  

A Modern Digital E-Book in which you can obtain / get / achieve all details of Acupressure Reflexology Therapy. In this E-Book you can manage your Treatment Center / Clinic / Hospital Management / Patient Records / Schedules. Alternative therapy software - www.acupressureguru.com is developed by  experienced Doctors / Faculty / Team / Expert / Therapist from JODHPUR, DELHI, JAIPUR, PRAYAGRAJ, MUMBAI, BENGALURU, CHENNAI, HYDERABAD, KOLKATA.   



 Without KIT : 

In this mode, you can buy this software without instrument.

Rs. 1000(For India) or $ 50(For Foreign). 



In this mode, you can buy this software with instrument. 

Rs. 2000(For India) or $ 90 (For Foreign). 





1. Get all the details and information related to Acupressure - Reflexology. 

2. Get almost all the disease, causes of disease, symptoms and treatment methods.

3. Keep your patient's record.

4. If you are running any institute or center then you can keep your candidate's record 

5. Call register where you can keep your call records.

6. If you are running any business, institute, therapy center or clinic, then you can list your profession in Acupressure / Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Directory and promote your business.

7. Get a language translator, by this translator you can translate the content in your local language / regional language.

8. Lifetime you can access this e-book and you can change your id and password according to your wish and need.

9. Software will get update with time.

10. Teach your candidate online through this e-book.

11. Case history of our Consultancy Team.




1. Doctors and Therapist can use this e-book to give treatment.

2. If you are running any Alternative Medicine Institute than you can use this e-book.

3. If you want to learn this therapy than you can use this e-book.

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